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Are You Searching For An Effective Way To Improve Your Life In Just One Quick, Powerful Session?

Do You Want To Experience Rapid, Permanent, All-Pervasive Change And Live The Life You Are Meant To Live?


is a Certified RTT Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist having been trained by internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist, speaker and author, Marisa Peer, the ‘therapist’s therapist’, famous for working with top CEOs, royalty and show biz stars.

You can improve your life permanently with just one session of RTT, the revolutionary new therapy taking the world by storm.

Change unwanted behaviours, beliefs and habits, improve confidence and deal with phobias.

The process of RTT is quick and easy. You enter a deeply relaxed state and remain completely in control of everything you do and say but with the ability to access the subconscious mind, which can be very useful to discover the root cause and reason for your issues.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT sessions are generally 90 minutes and include a consultation and treatment combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT. All treatment is confidential and your privacy is always assured. I can offer face to face or online appointments, always starting with a free of charge consultation by phone or online via Skype or Zoom, and rest assured, I will never say I can help you unless I know I can.

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“Empower clients and free them from their issues”
– Marisa Peer, Founder Rapid Transformational Therapy

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I felt the most relaxed I have in a long time after my RTT session with Myra. The strange  thing was that the pain in my feet cleared up unexpectedly and we didn’t even discuss that!
Dean J, London, United Kingdom


I had a great RTT Session with Myra a few weeks ago.  I wanted to increase my confidence and move forward  with my new career.  Myra is a very compassionate therapist who guided me skilfully through the session leaving me feeling confident, relaxed and looking forward to the future.  Thanks very much Myra.

Katherine R, Sydney, Austrailia


Just had an amazing RTT Session with the wonderful Myra McHale. Thank you, I feel light and happy!
Maaike B, Amsterdam, Netherlands


The RTT Session I had with Myra was incredible.  She has helped me understand my issues and removed the blocks which were affecting me both physically and mentally.    I would highly recommend booking an RTT session with Myra.
Susan A, Malaga, Spain


I loved my session with Myra, she is amazing, loved my recording and felt results straight away. 
Amanda S, Perth, Austrailia
e: t: +44(0)7830 628567
t: +44(0)7830 628567

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