A Letter To Myself

I was inspired by a recent Facebook post by Dr. Erin Oksol to write a letter to myself at the beginning of 2022 and then look back on it at the end of the year.

Here it is:

Dear dreamer & master manifestor,

First of all, a huge shout out for still having the guts to continue going for it.   Very few have the courage to do what you do, and even fewer stay around long enough to see success. That duct tape holding the oven door on, good for you.   I like that you don’t want to waste money buying another oven knowing that your house is going to be demolished, and replaced by 3 lovely modern eco friendly houses, your sheer determination got you here when others said it couldn’t happen. Well done. 

I know, you’re wondering, “How on earth am I going to connect with more people, get my name out there, let them know I can help them?”  You are going to continue offering those chats to people to see if there is some synergy there, have no expectations, give value and treat everyone the same. Serve everyone you meet to the best of your ability.  See the potential in all, help them connect to their own, help them go for their dreams.

Your superpower is next level thinking.  Realize that you can trust it.  That instinctive voice you hear when you are calm. Listen to it, let it guide you. Monetize it. Listen to how others speak of you and sing your praises.  Ask them, “Could I quote you on that?”  They are telling you what people will pay you for. 

You and your abilities don’t fit inside of a box.  You know enough, get out there and own your brilliance. There are going to be many coaches and mentors and marketers who want your money—you MUST trust your intuition—learn from the past and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Don’t be a fan, be a student.  It will save you years of suffering. Stop competing with others and start competing with your dream.  You are unique and good enough just as you are. Just keep on keeping on.

You are a high performance racecar.  Give yourself the right fuel, take quick and frequent pit stops.  Don’t burn that engine out.

Run all of your decisions by your dream first.  Just because you would be good at it does not mean it’s good for you.  Pause and be selective. Consult your ideal self-she always knows the answers. You just don’t ask her enough.  

Be willing to pay the success tax. People will resent you and doubt you.  It’s ok.  The only opinion that matters of you is your own. Don’t let that shit in. 

Set Intentions rather than Goals.  Know that there will be a few twists and turns along the way so take that detour when needed, but keep the faith and know you will reach the destination. Pivot & adapt fast when it is necessary.  

I wish I could give you a glimpse into your future.  It’s so good.  You are going to continue to be that woman who keeps the promises she makes to herself.  And because of that, you will be unstoppable in whatever you choose to do.  You are going to understand what freedom actually feels like.  You will take more trips and meet some amazing people. 

The money that you spend, you spend with joy and it will be replenished. The scarcity mindset does not exist for you anymore. You will be one of the greats because you will outlast everyone.  You continue to break the generational curse around money in your family.  You know what I’m talking about.  

Remember to be simultaneously grateful for all that you have and open to receive and work hard for all that you desire. Keep your energy high and be selective about who you spend your time with, be compassionate but don’t suffer energy vampires. Be confident that your results will not be typical, because your talents and work ethic aren’t..  

Enjoy the ride baby.  And always remember, abundance in all areas of your life is your birthright. 


The-Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur/Version-of-My-Future-Myself

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