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Backed by science and technology but delivered with warmth, I use effective mindfulness techniques to help you understand and manage stress, prevent depression and further damage.

I focus on improving four key elements:
, Resilience, Well-being and Performance. Benefits include less stress in addition to improved well-being and physical resilience creating a sharper focus and a happier life.

Myra McHale

Certified RTT Therapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Mindfulness Coach


Mindfulness empowers the individual to overcome anxiety, low self-esteem and other deep rooted emotional problems. Your resilience, focus and concentration will be enhanced to create a more positive outlook learning proven techniques to put you back on the right track both mentally and physically.

Mindfulness works, it enables transformation which you can apply to daily life and improve your EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

Why I can help?

I have experience of running a large family business in addition to working within the corporate world in financial services and career development. I qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga as a teacher in 2005 and in 2015 I became a certified Mindfulness Trainer. In 2016 I qualified as a Workplace MT trainer recognised by CMI (Chartered Management Institute).

I have worked with large organisations such as The Ford Motor Company, Norges Bank, Darwin Recruitment and Essex County Council.


Mindfulness Training Programmes

I deliver science backed fully customised Mindfulness Training Programmes covering the latest research in the field of neuroplasticity and how we can reshape our brain to be more mindful, stress less and increase performance.

One-to-One Sessions provide a relaxed and confidential environment. Courses can be tailored to the individual’s needs although I do recommend the eight week course to be highly effective.  A free 30 minute consultation is available on request either online or via Skype or telephone.

Virtual One-to-One Sessions are increasingly popular and I can now offer mindfulness training via Skype and other mediums, FaceTime and Google Hangouts.

Group Courses provide individuals with an excellent understanding of what mindfulness is and learning from each other in a relaxed and safe environment.

Corporate Well-being Programmes

Our Corporate Well-being Programme helps participants to build mental muscles to become more resilient and adaptive in the face of change by building practical foundation skills to ensure well being in the ever changing workplace. Participants will raise their performance, productivity, and happiness levels. It is typically delivered in one hour a week session over a six week period or in 2 to 3 workshops. Tailored workshops can be offered either in house or offsite.

Mindful Leadership Programme

The Mindful Leadership Programme looks deeply at how proven mindfulness techniques can help balance achievement with ambition. To truly lead you need to be equipped with clear and simple techniques to demonstrate authenticity and wisdom to become a mindful leader. Tailored workshops can be delivered in house or offsite.

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Myra McHale


+44 (0)7830 628567

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Myra, thank you for your insight and sharing of experience. Mindfulness is now part of my life and a tool I use to maintain positive wellbeing.
Amanda B, HR Manager

Myra is fantastic at putting across the importance of mindfulness and all its benefits in way that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Thank you for changing the course of my life forever!
Deb M, Business Owner & Homemaker

The course gave me a good understanding on how to deal with challenges both inside and outside of the workplace. This has allowed me to approach day to day activities with an improved level of focus.
Jo S, Executive Recruiter

I really enjoyed the course and I thought that you were fantastic! I do feel like it has helped me a lot.
Fabienne L, Compliance Officer

Been practising the meditations, it’s weird but it’s working, feel so much more calm and positive. Will definitely finish course and recommend you!
Sandy H, MD

Learning Mindfulness skills from Myra has really helped me with coping skills for reducing my stress and anxiety levels. Her voice and guidance are very reassuring and calming. I am hooked!
Shayne W, MD
e: t: +44(0)7830 628567
t: +44(0)7830 628567