I’m a highly agreeable person and relaxing to be around

I’m very compassionate

I’m not good in hierarchies 

I’m highly entrepreneurial and a rebel

I listen deeply

I ask the difficult questions

I am a creative person and appreciate the arts

I love humour

I live my life in the present moment, the past is gone and l have learnt some hard lessons from it

  I’m excited about the future, it’s all to play for

I’m sometimes a restless person but growing into myself

I’ve lost loved ones

I’m proud of the amazing adults my kids have become

I’m selective about who I hang out with

I sometimes feel inadequate and not good enough

I am very good at seeing the greatness in others but not always in myself

How can you work with me ?

If you would like to know more let’s talk, get to know each other a bit, human being to human being, if you like what you hear then we can go forward and start to play.

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