Anxiety is an inside out job. 

Naturally one thinks that outside circumstances are causing us to feel anxious but that is not quite the case.

It is how we are interpreting certain circumstances with our own thinking. 

Who is the thinker? Who then is best placed to change the thinking? Yes, it is you.

Undoubtedly these are challenging times for us all, they will always exist to one degree or another, but there is also an opportunity to build the muscle of resilience and take stock of what there is to be grateful for and that is mostly the small things. 

The ‘big stuff’ does not often happen instantly but often builds over time as a result of the small steps you take daily. (I buy the lottery tickets for my elderly father and I really do hope he wins).

It is useful to have a guard at the gate of your own thoughts which cause you anxiety.  Instead of getting completely caught up in them say to yourself:

 ‘Ah I notice I am having the thought that’  and change it to something more positive such as ‘even though I know that … I choose to reframe the situation in such and such a way in a more positive manner.’ It takes the charge out of the anxious thought.

11 ways to stop feeling anxious you can try today

✨Be grateful for what is already here now, start with the small stuff, it will elevate your feelings.

✨Remain in the present time, and ditch the past, unless it is to learn the lessons from it of course.

✨Be solution focused, i.e. spend more time thinking about the possibilities and not the problems, which are of course unlimited.

Do what makes you happy as often as possible, no matter how trivial it might seem. It shifts your mood.

✨Spend some time in nature. It is an almost instant relaxant.

✨Help others when possible, altruism makes you feel better.

✨Look after your body, exercise and eat well. There is a link to depression and the gut. You wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in your car and expect it to work.

✨Focus on getting a good night’s sleep. Long-term Insomnia leads to multiple health problems further down the line and reduces your cognitive powers plus it does not help the waistline.

✨Meditate, spend time in silence, at least 10 minutes a day, it will make you a more positive person, plenty of science behind this.

✨Limit your exposure to the news, it is mostly bad after all.

✨Watch less tv and spend more time creating rather than consuming content.

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